André Naz

André Naz received his M.Sc degree in Computer Science with highest honors from the Grenoble Institute of Technology - Ensimag (France), in 2014, and his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté (France), in the FEMTO-ST Institute, in 2017. His thesis work was about coordination in modular robotic systems and, more precisely, on centrality-based leader election, time synchronization and self-reconfiguration. This work included algorithm design and extensive experimental study, using both simulations and hardware prototypes. He co-authored 7 peer-reviewed international publications on these topics and is the co-recipient of the best paper award at IEEE AINA 2016. He is involved in the Programmable Matter, CO2Dim, VisibleSim and Claytronics projects. Beyond his thesis contributions, his software engineering work on the VisibleSim simulator and on the Blinky Blocks firmware reinforces the foundations of the Programmable Matter project.

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