Paul G. Spirakis

Paul G. Spirakis, Fellow EATCS, is a Professor in the CS Dept. of the U. of Liverpool and a Professor in the CEID Dept. of the University of Patras and leads the Section on Algorithms. He also leads the EEE-CS School initiative on Networks Sciences and Technologies (NeST). He is an international leader on Algorithms, Complexity, Distributed Computing and Algorithmic Game Theory. He is a Member of Academia Europaea and the President of EATCS. He has published over 430 scientific papers (156 in Journals and 276 in Refereed Conferences) with 9330-+ citations and an h-index 46. He is also a Member of the Europe TPC ACM policy board. Paul has been the chair of the EU ERC Panel of advanced grants in Informatics for 2017/18 and in 2015/16. He has participated and has lead his team in over 20 European projects . He currently leads an EPSRC Grant. He is a Member of the Leading Board of the recently established Leverhulme Research Centre on functional materials design. He is the Editor in Chief in the Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) Journal in Track A and also Editor in 6 other scientific Journals. Paul has been the Director of the major Greek Research Institute CTI for about 20 years and he is now a senior scientist of CTI. Paul has co-authored 2 scientific books of international circulation and 7 scientific books in Greek.

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