Matter just became programmable

Providing smart atoms to empower professionals building multi-purpose tools and tangible interfaces anytime, anywhere.
Three images of an astronaut in space, a screen with a cad drawing, and a panel control.
Three fields of application

Tangible and modular environnements

Programmable Matter is composed of micro-robots, millimeter-sized moving computers that will have the ability to move around each other, communicate, change color, and latch to other micro-robots to form different shapes.

Multi-purpose items
Space and weight saving tools for astronauts
CAD synchronized design
Virtual / Real time feedback for automotive designers
Flexible and tangible interfaces
Eye-free & custom control panels for pilots and engineers
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Available Technologies

Our consortium of academics and industrials is proud to present their world most advanced to date creations
Logo of Programmable Matter, one of our section

3D catoms

Quasi-spherical micro-robots, able to stick and move around each other, from car maker to astronauts, discover this incredible technological breakthrough!

Logo of Blinky Blocks, one of our section

blinky blocks

Centimeter-size modular distributed execution environments attached to each other using magnets, praised by artists, designed for education and research in modular robotics.

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Behavioral simulation framework for  distributed lattice-based modular robotic systems in a regular 3D environment targeting education and research.

A Worldwide Consortium

9 academic teams and 4 industrial partners
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Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University


University of Michigan, Cubeworks


University Bourgogne Franche-Comté, CNRS, FEMTO-ST, LIG,


LiMMS/CNRS, University of Tokyo




University of Liverpool