Invented by nature, reversed engineered by our teams.
The shape-shifting microbots are here.
Introducing the 3D Catoms.

The perfect shape

✔️ Maximized grip area

✔️ Smooth rotation

✔️ Strong shell resilience

Micro 3D printed

World's smallest 3.6 mm ø robot ✔️

Assembled from two half-shells ✔️

Micrometer precision with top market Nanoscribe printer ✔️

High efficiency

✔️ Energy efficient electrostatic latching system

✔️ 3-in-1 Flexiboard ™ system for latching, power and data transfer

✔️ Up to 12 electrodes

Inductive power transfer

Up to 7.05 mW per electrode ✔️

Square of input efficiency ✔️

Wireless inter-catom power sharing ✔️

High efficiency

✔️ Voltage upscaler to increase adhesion 

✔️ Compact charge pump

✔️ Ultra energy saving design

World's smallest modular computer

8 nW standby power ✔️

Up to 7-years lifespan ✔️

100% wireless ✔️

12.3 mm² in 2.5 mm³ ✔️

Embedded mm-scale battery ✔️

Energy harvesting ✔️

Assembled in France by

Drivers & flexiboard

Michigan Micro Mote

Main shell

Industrialized process

The assembly process is handled in France. It is 100% automatized to enable mass production with high precision machinery. Watch our video for an overview of the whole process.

Movement enabled

Message sending

Distributed programming

Unique ID

Regular lattice ordered

Connected neighbors 

Processing unit

Memory unit

Curious to know how it actually works?

Get a glance at our always improving technology. Contact us and request a guided tour of our laboratory. Or see for yourself watching these video demonstrations.

Start with a simple simulation

To experience self-assembly system in action, you can first start by simulating the goal shape you aim to build with the Catoms in our powerful modular robot 3D simulator VisibleSim, follow the link!