FEMTO-ST Institute, Automated Systems Department (AS2M), CNRS, Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Besançon, France.

The FEMTO-ST/AS2M/MACS team is an internationally research group in field of Control methodologies development, Micromechatronic systems and microrobotic design and development in Microassembly and Micromanipulation applications. The team aims to propose new technological solutions and methodological tools for the accurate positioning and the fast manipulation at the small scales. The team members, composed of 12 staff and several phd/post-doc per year, have received several international prizes and recognitions. Recently the MACS team interest focuses on the design of 3D innovative micromechatronic systems. Taking advantage of the rapid advancing of additive manufacturing, this research topic aims to design new 3D micromechatronic architectures associating high-resolution actuation and measurement mechanisms within a compliant structure.

In the context of B3PM I-SITE project, the team is involved in the design of the basic module of the programmable matter. Even though the geometry is known, the team will carry out optimization to improve this shape and reduce its weight. Once the geometry is fixed, the actuators distribution will be analyzed in order to generate local deformation and maximize the provided force. In the meantime, module’s communication will be analyzed to provide perception capabilities in order to interact with their environment and to move in relationship to each other.