The artistic process and approach of Scenocosme consist in creating singular and invisible hybridizations between physical and natural elements and technology. As they work on natural and sensitive surfaces, they think that a collaboration with the researchers on this project could extend their reflection on other possible interactive matters. They would like to explore the flexibility of the Blinky Blocks in order to generate several qualities of interactions.

Most of their artworks are interactive with the touch, in order to play with sensitive degrees of proximity and intimacy. They explore how visual and sonorous virtual matters can evolve according to proximity and the depth of the touch with real elements like fabric, natural elements like leather, plants, wood, stone, clay,...

They are interested to develop new interactive artworks which explore the quality of real and virtual touch, and its various significances. Most of their artworks explores their relationships with natural elements by creating sonorous or visual languages and feedbacks in order to question spectators of their relationships with their contemporary environment.

They would like to use the technology of the programmable matter in order to design new artworks and new ways of interaction with the public. The concept of electronic clay could cross their artistic approach. In most of their artworks, they explore the symbolic surface of the skin, it porosity and it various interactions with the environment. In their work, they suggest links between natural elements and objects with virtual sounds, lights or images.

When they concept their artworks, the technology is hidden, it disappears in order to enhance sensory relations with various elements.

They will be interested in exploring possibilities of hybridizations between this programmable matter and other elements in order to extend possibilities and textures of this material, to discover several qualities of artificial and sensitive skins.