Tech Power Electronics

Tech Power Electronics France, a Tech Power Electronics Group subsidiary

Transformers, inductors, chokes, windings, power converters, all those are crucial electrical components, which can assure your company a strategic advantage. Comprising of established technology companies, the Techpower Electronic Group is an innovative-driven collaboration and offers you the highest quality electronic components and industrial products.

By combining the skills of strong companies Tech Power Electronics became a leader within the industry with extensive technology, development and production capabilities.

Our products are used in many applications: Aero & Defense, Building, Automation, Industry, Rail, Automotive, Lighting, Energy, Marine, etc…

Tech Power Electronics France is the biggest company in Tech Power Electronics Group, the speciality of TPE France is the components and applications for low power electronics ( transformers, inductors, low power converters (<300W) and propose standards products and customized products, all the products are made in the group wound components as well as PCB assemblies especially for power converters (AC/DC, DC/DC, Led drivers, Battery chargers, etc..).

Tech Power Electronics France then has an important design center dedicated to develop inductive components as well as power converters and power electronic applications. Industrialization of the products is done in very close collaboration with design by our process engineering team to optimize process, production and costs.

Main markets for Tech Power France are Aeronautics (with EN9100 certification), railways for infrastructure and industrial.

To develop relationships with other companies or organisms and also to elevate every employee skills Tech Power Electronics created an internal institute called “OPEN INSTITUTE” to work on programs which are not necessarily asked by customer but interesting for the future of the company in term of technology, process or environment.

Today 35% of the total revenue of Tech power electronics France is done with products that come the technology acquired during an Open Institute program.

TechPower Electronics is a high-technology PME installed near Lons-le-Saunier, France. Their interest in the PM project lies in the power management and optimization. They design a new way for super capacitor to be charged and discharged in an optimal way.